To make your rental process as fast and easy as it can be, we have built complete home packages that you can choose from which include everything you need in a one-bedroom apartment. For the living room it will include a sofa, chair, coffee table, end table and a lamp. In the dining room you will receive a dining table and 4 chairs. For the bedroom, the package comes with a queen bed (headboard, mattress, foundation and frame), nightstand with a lamp, dresser and a mirror. Our packages vary based on the date of delivery, but we ensure that they are clean, coordinated and the product quality matches the package level you choose. You can easily add on an additional bedroom or two and can find Televisions, TV Stands, and Housewares to add on to your order under our Home Furniture section. Please contact us if you have any questions, need a substitution in a package (for example a king bed instead of a queen) or would like to build a custom package. We look forward to creating a beautiful environment for you!