About Us

Hoffer Furniture is the premier furniture rental & retail store in Houston. Family-owned and operated since its establishment in 1977, Hoffer excels at creating beautiful environments for people to work and live.

For those who are moving to Houston temporarily, relocating permanently, staging a home, designing a set or planning an event, Hoffer is the solution for all of their furniture needs.

With the world’s largest furniture rental showroom to browse, Hoffer provides an abundance of choices to turn one’s vision into reality and a temporary residence into a home.

Hoffer’s commitment to excellence has made them a trusted name in Houston for over three decades, and year after year they are the only furniture rental company in Houston to receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With over 400 years of experience in the furniture industry, the team at HOFFER is ready to turn your furniture dreams into a reality. Come down to our showroom or browse our inventory online to experience the one and only,

The Hoffer Story

  • Mid-1890s: Scott’s great-grandfather Sam Finger moves to Texas (emigrating from Eastern Europe) and opens a feed & farm supply business in Shepherd, Texas.
  • 1927: Sam and Hyman (oldest son) Finger move to Houston and open their new business, Finger Radio and Appliance.
  • 1935: Aaron Finger (Sam’s second son & Scott’s grandfather) joins his father and brother in Houston. Aaron is stimulated to create the furniture rental industry during the Depression when he starts to rent out his refrigerators and radios for a dollar per week. He quickly adds sofas to sit on to listen to the radio and dining tables to sit at while eating the food in the fridge. During this time, they change the name of the business to Finger Furniture Company.
  • 1930’s-2000: The family furniture business grows into the largest furniture retailer in Texas and the Southwest.
  • 1950: Jodie Hoffer (Scott’s father) marries Relda Finger (Scott’s mother) and begins to work at Finger Furniture.
  • 1950-1960: Jodie manages the appliance division of Finger Furniture
  • 1960-1972: Jodie manages the furniture rental division of Finger Furniture
  • 1972: The furniture rental division of Finger Furniture is sold to Mohasco, a public company primarily engaged in the manufacturing of carpet and home and office furnishings, with plans to start a national furniture rental company. Finger Rental, along with two other furniture rental companies, packaged their businesses together for acquisition by Mohasco and subsequently rebranded the group as Cort Furniture Rental, now the nation’s largest furniture rental company.
  • 1972-1977: Jodie, while managing the western division (everything west of the Mississippi River) at the newly formed national furniture rental company, Cort, is engaged in an acquisition and new store development program expanding the western division’s store count from six (in two markets) to 36 (in 24 markets).
  • February 1977: Jodie leaves Cort to start up Hoffer Furniture Rental and opens the original Hillcroft store. Scott joins Jodie with the start up of HOFFER.
  • 1981: Scott graduates from the University of Texas at Austin (BBA Finance), returns to Hoffer Furniture and immediately opens a store in north Houston.
  • 1986: The company’s third store (dedicated to office furniture) opens on Hillcroft one block down the street from the original store.
  • 1988: The Baybrook store opens.
  • 1991: The north Houston location is relocated on 1960 and expanded (2.5x the size).
  • 1994: Scott becomes the President/CEO of the company.
  • March 2001: The Westpark store opens and HOFFER relocates the office furniture division and the general offices to this location.
  • July 2001: The original location at 3218 Hillcroft is relocated and expanded to 3504 Hillcroft (the former Hoffer office furniture and clearance center location).
  • January 2006: Scott goes to the Amazon, and upon a great epiphany during a monsoon in a tiny village, decides he wants to pursue a simple life. That pursuit led to Scott consolidating Hoffer’s stores and warehouses into a singular location.
  • September 2007: After 25 years with a FM 1960 store location, the north Houston showroom is closed & consolidated to the main 8100 Westpark Showroom.
  • January 2008: The 3504 Hillcroft showroom is closed and the home furniture showroom is relocated to 8100 Westpark (creating the world’s largest furniture rental showroom, approximately 35,000 sq. ft.) along with the office furniture, clearance center and general offices.
  • Summer 2008: We consolidate all off-site warehousing and distribution to the 8100 Westpark location, occupying now a total of 60,000 sq.ft.
  • January 2013: Scott’s daughter, Samantha, joins the company after completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin (B.A. Plan II Honors) to create the third generation at Hoffer Furniture and the fifth generation in the furniture industry.