Get the Designer Look: Sofa Styling Hacks for 2024

Is your sofa looking a little…blah? You’re not alone! After all, the sofa is the heart of your living room, and living room sofa styling done right can totally transform the space. In this post, we’ll share trendy tips for living room sofa styling in 2024, helping you create a living room that’s both beautiful and functional. Get ready to impress your guests (and your Instagram followers)!


Personality: Embrace your Own Style

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter design. This year, it’s all about injecting your personality into your space. Do you love bold boho vibes? Or maybe serene mid-century modern? Choosing a theme that reflects you is the first step to creating a living room you’ll adore. Once you’ve settled on a theme, the next step is choosing a color scheme!

Living Room Sofa Styling showing A spacious living room showcasing a brown leather sectional couch adorned with cream boho throw pillows and a textured throw. A round coffee table in a light wood finish sits in front, complemented by a white cow skull mounted on the wall.   Living Room Sofa Styling showing A brightly colored living room featuring a blue plush sofa decorated with a variety of colorful throw pillows in geometric and floral patterns.

Color: Selecting Your Palette

Now that you’ve got your theme, let’s talk color! Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration, but here’s a hot tip for 2024: Think earthy tones and jewel accents. Earthy tones like terracotta and sage green create a grounding feel, while jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire add a touch of luxury.

Living Room Sofa Styling showing A cozy living room scene featuring a beige couch decorated with earth-toned throw pillows. A large leafy plant stands in the background, adding a touch of nature and warmth.   Living Room Sofa Styling showing a room featuring a gray sectional couch and a clear coffee table that allows light to flow through the space. Two abstract paintings with muted colors hang on the wall, adding a touch of personality.

Texture: Beyond the Throw

Sure, throws are a classic choice, but why not get creative? For example, layer a chunky knit blanket over a smooth velvet cushion for a playful contrast. Feeling bold? Drape a woven tapestry over the armrest for a boho touch.

Living Room Sofa Styling showing A cozy living room featuring a gray couch draped with a chunky knit blanket in neutral tones.   Living Room Sofa Styling featuring a plush couch in a neutral tone. The couch is topped with a textured throw blanket and neutral throw pillows. A patterned area rug anchors the space.

Pillow Perfect: The Art of the Mix

Pillows are where the fun really begins! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and sizes, but keep your color palette in mind. Start by placing larger pillows in the back and layering smaller ones in front. For a curated look, use a mix of solid and patterned fabrics.

Living Room Sofa Styling of A modern living room with a brown leather sectional sofa, decorated with throw pillows in a variety of sizes and patterns.   Living Room Sofa Styling of A light and airy cream sofa with lots of throw pillows varying in size, pattern, and texture.

The Finishing Touches 

A styled sofa isn’t enough for a complete living room.  Make sure the surrounding furniture complements your sofa’s theme and color scheme.  Choose a coffee table and end tables that tie the look together.  Pro tip:  Asymmetrical arrangements are on-trend in 2024, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Check out our 2024 Furniture Trends blog for even more inspiration!

Living Room Sofa Styling of An asymmetrical living room featuring a green couch on one side and two armchairs with a side table on the other. A round rug sits in the center of the space, grounding the furniture arrangement.   Living Room Sofa Styling of A beautifully decorated living room featuring a blue plush sofa that complements the surrounding furniture. The sofa is adorned with colorful throw pillows in geometric and floral patterns, echoing the colors of the two brown armchairs with throw pillows.

Congratulations! Now you know how to transform your living room into a stylish haven.  Whether you’re staging a home or just want to create a cozy spot to relax, these tips will help you achieve that picture-perfect designer look. 
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Living Room Sofa Styling with a mix of colorful pillows in various sizes and textures      Living Room Sofa Styling featuring a grey sofa with sage green pillow along with some simple patterned pillows