Furnish Forward: 2024’s Hottest Furniture Trends

Ready to revamp your space/? Our top 5 furniture trends transforming homes in 2024.

As we step into 2024, it’s the perfect time to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you’re a pro at design or just looking to spruce up your space, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on our top 5 furniture trends that we think will be very popular this year.

With over 45 years of experience in the world of interior and furniture design, we’re excited to guide your style and spruce up your home. These trends are the directors of a design revolution in 2024. Whether you’re into the nitty-gritty details of design or you just want your home to feel more lively, get ready for a trip through the cool and interesting things that will shape how our homes look this year.

Furthermore, we’ll chat about the cool mix of nature and technology, how classic styles are making a comeback in a modern way, and much more. Keep reading to explore these furniture trends and why we think they’ll make a splash in 2024. 


1. Curves and Soft Lines: Embrace the Flow

One of the standout furniture trends that has firmly planted itself in the furniture and design scene over the past few years is the embrace of curves. It’s not just a fleeting fad; we’re witnessing a design shift that is set to evolve even further in 2024. The allure of gentle bends and rounded edges is not merely aesthetic; it’s about crafting an environment that goes beyond looks, forging a space that beckons comfort and style in unison.

Furthermore, furniture pieces with subtle curves don’t just sit in a room; they actively contribute to the creation of a cozy, inviting atmosphere. It’s a design philosophy that goes beyond the visual appeal. When your furniture embraces these soft lines, it adds a touchable dimension to your space.

A rounded white desk a rounded, arched black glass door cabinet a white boucle rounded sofa and chairs

2. Statement Pieces: Make a Bold Impression

2024 is going to be about infusing your living space with standout furniture pieces that claim the spotlight. The growing prevalence of such bold and unique pieces indicates a shift towards personalized and curated living spaces, where every item becomes a conversation starter and contributes to your individual style.

Just imagine walking into a room and being greeted by a singular piece that captures your attention, be it a striking accent chair, an artistically designed coffee table, or an unconventional bookshelf that doubles as a work of art. These standout items become more than just functional; they make a bold statement about who you are and what you love. 

a rounded edge rectangular terrazzo top coffee table

3. Sculptural Shapes: Furniture as Art

Along the lines of statement pieces, we will see more sculptural shapes in furniture design. Imagine turning your everyday tables, chairs, and even lighting fixtures into captivating pieces that resemble works of art. These unconventional forms bring a touch of avant-garde elegance, injecting a dose of creativity and uniqueness into your living space.

Moreover, think of it as adding a touch of artistic flair to your furniture. Tables that aren’t just flat surfaces but showcase captivating curves and angles and chairs that double as sculpted masterpieces – it’s a trend that takes furniture beyond its regular function.

These sculptural shapes not only serve a practical purpose but also serve as conversation starters, giving your space an identity that goes beyond the usual. 2024 will showcase the fusion of functionality and artistry, where your furniture becomes not just something to use but something to admire.

sculpturally aesthetic chairs with curved edges a rounded and curved bamboo styled console or sofa table a really cool cureved/wavy white boucle chair with a sculpturally stacked base accent table

4. Gold & Brass Accents: Timeless Elegance

For a touch of glamor, look no further than gold and brass accents. Think of these shiny finishes as the jewelry of your furniture – from drawer handles to light fixtures, they bring a timeless, classy vibe to your home. It’s like adding a sprinkle of luxury that effortlessly makes your space feel warmer and more refined.

Not only do gold and brass look good, but they also play with the light in a magical way. When sunlight or artificial light touches these finishes, it reflects and bounces around the room, giving off a subtle radiance. Additionally, it’s the kind of effect that makes your home feel not just well-decorated but also full of life and charm.

round marble top dining table with gold base and 2 dining chairs with gold legs a black dresser/mirror with reeded doors and brass half circle hardware 

5. Modern Art Deco: Retro Chic with a Contemporary Twist

Take a trip back in time with a modern twist on Art Deco. The comeback of Art Deco isn’t just a throwback; it’s a desire for a perfect mix of old-school charm and today’s design vibes. This trend plays with geometric shapes, fancy materials, and bold colors. All together create a style that’s both a blast from the past and very in-the-now. 

This trend is like having a cool time machine in your home. It seamlessly takes the elegance of the past and blends it with the chic style of today.

multiple upholstered headboards in rich emerald greens, teals, and rust colors black and white accent chest with a triangle pattern in a circular form wth gold legs and hardware funky circular print wallpaper and rich toned furniture

In conclusion, from the comforting curves to the daring statements, these 5 furniture trends offer a unique way to infuse personality and style into your living space. So, let your home be a reflection of your individuality. May these furniture trends guide you in creating a space that’s not only on-trend but uniquely yours. Happy decorating, and here’s to a year filled with comfortable and stylish interiors!

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2024's Hottest Furniture Trends