Home Decor Trends – Fall 2019

Twice a year, every year, we head up to the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World” in High Point, North Carolina to check out the latest and greatest in home decor trends, and find new items to bring in for you!

High Point is kind of hard to explain unless you’ve been there, but it is effectively a ghost town until twice a year 75,000 people descend into the Piedmont Triad to attend the fall and spring markets. High Point is comprised of over 2,000 exhibitors displaying in 180 buildings with over 12 MILLION sq ft of showroom space. It’s a city just for furniture.

It’s a long week of making our way through as much of market as we can so we can bring you the latest and greatest for each our our collections, and see where the trends are taking us. We test out all the products, put together custom finishes and upholstery, and take thousands of photos so we can be sure we’re going to get the very best of what furniture market has to offer.

We also get to see a lot of the very latest and greatest in home decor trends.


  1. Animalia – Both animal prints, and patterns made up of animals.
  2. C O L O R – It’s finally back, baby! We went grey for so long, but there’s a fun freshness back in the air with lots of color from cotton candy pastels to bright and bold.
  3. Palm Desert Boho Chic – or at least that’s what I like to call this mix of dusty pastels, natural wood tones and often fresh & dried plant elements
  4. Woven Elements – just brings the right amount of nature indoors
  5. Curved Lines
  6. Terrazo – it’s not just for floors anymore! We found it on wallpaper, tables, fabrics and more!

We’d love to know what your favorite home decor trends are! Follow along on our Instagram to see our High Point Highlights and help fill out our market polls. We use these as we’re merchandising to make sure we’re getting the pieces you guys really love.

Can’t wait to hear about your favorite home decor trends!